Welcome to the new Western Australian Disability Enterprise website (WADE).  Our new website has been created to showcase the extensive range of goods and services that WA based Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE’s) can supply to your organisation.  The WADE website is here to provide you quick and easy access to information about these ADE’s along with relevant contact details.

ADE’s pride themselves on the competitive pricing and high quality  goods and services.  ADE’s are not for profit organisations that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in WA. Working with an ADE will give your organisation the chance to meet a social outcome while maintaining  your commercial competitiveness. WADE is about creating a win win situation for all. WA ADE’s are ready and have the capacity to supply a greater number of goods and services to the Western Australian community.  So checkout what ADE’s have to offer and take the opportunity to engage with an ADE  today because “it’s the right thing to do”.

If you think we can improve the site in anyway, you would like to gives us feedback (positive or otherwise) or have a suggestion for a new feature please let us know simply by adding a comment below.