Many of us hurrying to get inside the building in the cold mornings or driving away to your next meeting see car washing activity going on in the basement undercroft but many are unaware of the ‘win win’ nature of this work.

Some of the team members doing the washing are quiet and industrious, others are boisterous with a constant stream of chatter. All are from the WA Disability Enterprise (WADE), Intelife, and the car washing is a chance to enjoy guided employment with all the benefits of social interaction and involvement in paid work. On Mondays and Wednesdays, Peter Shellard a lifeskills trainer directs the work being carried out by the Intelife workers.

The day we visited, participants Chris, Abdullah and Blake are busy vacuuming, and sponging down the cars. They wash and vacuum about six cars on average during their morning’s work. They are enthusiastic contributors.  Abdullah says his favourite Intelife jobs are cleaning and working outdoors with the litter collection team. The Intelife approach helps people with disability find meaningful employment that is suited to their needs.

Since 2003 Main Roads has partnered with WADEs for cleaning, landscaping works as part of the Wildflower Capital Initiatives and Metropolitan Improvement Projects, printing and safety gear.

Engaging a WADE gives access to quality work while contributing to social outcomes to the community. It provides meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability.

WADEs also offer competitive rates for a comprehensive range of other goods and services such as catering, commercial cleaning, digital printing, environmental and rehabilitation services, grounds maintenance, roadside beautification through to sand sifting softfall areas.

The State Supply Commission’s Open and Effective Competition policy allows agencies to engage a WADE directly, without undertaking a competitive procurement process.