Western Australian Disability Enterprise Initiative

The Western Australian Disability Enterprise (WADE) initiative is leading the way in supporting people with disability and mental illness to find fulfilling and secure work.

People with a disability or mental illness can experience many restrictions in their daily lives when taking part in family, community, recreation and work activities. For these people, a job means much more than an income. It is a doorway to engagement in community life and enhanced feelings of self-worth.

Recognising the potential for local government to improve the employment prospects of people with disability or mental illness , changes to the Local Government (Functions & General) Regulations in 2015 allows councils to engage a WADE directly, without undertaking a competitive tender process.

WADEs have an all-encompassing commitment to quality and adopt national and international standards of best practice. We are independently audited and certified and many are ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems) accredited.

Engaging a WADE gives access to quality work while contributing to positive social outcomes to the community, creating a win-win situation.

In Western Australia, we have eight disability enterprises operating from more than 50 business locations. We offer a wide range of quality products and services across WA.

Our businesses provide meaningful, supported employment for more than 2,100 people. Many more could be employed if work was available.

The eight Western Australian Disability Enterprises are:

Goodwill Engineering
Good Samaritan Industries
Shire of Manjimup Property Care Team
Paraquad Industries