The ADE project to increase Government procurement of their goods and services has passed a major milestone.

The project was initiated in early 2012. Total contract value awarded the ADEs by Government agencies since then has reached $11.5million, representing a major increase in the quantity and quality of work available to people with disability or mental illness.

We know this is the tip of the ice-berg in terms of what is potentially available, but it represents a great start to what has become a rapidly escalating program.

Western Australia’s Disability Enterprises collectively thank the State Government for their support and all of the Government Departments and agencies who have contracted ADEs.

In particular, we thank the Department of Finance for their very strong support and for promoting ADEs through Government. Alex Taylor, Director, Client Services of the Finance Department and his staff, Bindy Syminton and now Lil Paskos are particularly acknowledged for their untiring efforts on behalf of the Enterprises.

Government is benefiting from engaging reliable, quality goods and services. The difference to the lives of the people providing those goods and services is immeasurable.