activeThis year, Activ Foundation celebrates their 10 year partnership with WesTrac – Australia’s leading mining equipment management company.

Throughout the past 10 years, up to 14 people living with disability employed on a full-time basis at Activ Business Services Osborne Park have recycled more than 320,000 litres of oil from WesTrac’s SOS Oil Testing Kits.

It is the longest running contract at the centre. WesTrac customers at mine sites across Australia use SOS Oil Testing Kits to extract oil samples from their Caterpillar equipment as part of their commitment to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Kits are sent to WesTrac for testing and then delivered daily to Activ in Osborne Park for recycling.

Activ employees decant the used oil and then hot wash the containers, ready to be reused in new SOS kits. The used oil is then collected by a specialist oil recycling company. WesTrac Oil recycling is a core business at Osborne Park which also undertakes packaging, labelling and light assembly work. The centre currently employees 210 people living with disability.

“WesTrac is a fantastic contract and we wish we had more customers like them” said Osborne Park Production Coordinator Nick Cox. “Their constant partnership over the past 10 years has ensured that our supported employees are continuously working on an interesting and engaging project.

We really value the partnership with WesTrac and look forward to another 10 years working together.” WesTrac Laboratory Supervisor John Rossi said that the partnership has been extremely successful, with the kits used both in Western Australia and interstate. “Managing cost is critical to maintain WesTrac’s competitive edge in a very tight and dynamic industry. Activ consistently provide a quality service that is reasonably priced, whilst providing meaningful employment opportunities to a highly motivated section of our community,”

John said. “Over 500,000 kits are prepared, packaged and transported by Activ personnel annually with 0% rework required. This level of excellence has led to a strong ongoing, and mutually beneficial, partnership between Activ and WesTrac.” Activ is one of eight Western Australian Disability Enterprises (WADEs) that supports over 2,000 employees with a disability by providing meaningful employment opportunities across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

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