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Can State Government agencies buy goods and services from WADEs without the need to go to tender?

Yes. The State Government has amended its procurement policy that allows agencies to exempt themselves from a competitive procurement process and engage directly with a WADE where it offers value for money.

This is not yet the case with Local Government however the WADEs are working to improve social procurement in this area.

If I want a WADE to do some work should I get quotes from them all?

Naturally, we encourage value for money, so you may wish to do so.
To make it easier, we encourage you to initially contact the WADE Procurement Manager and she will be able to give you a snapshot of the services available from each of our seven organisations.

Do WADE’s receive funding to pay supported employees wages?

No. WADEs receive support from Government so they can supervise and support employees with disability. The work itself is not subsidised.

Do WADE employees with a disability receive a subsidised wage?

No. Most employees (who have a reduced work capacity because they have a disability) are covered by an award or agreement. Employees wages are based on a Supported Wage System.

Are WADEs “charities”?

No. WADEs are Public Benevolent Institutions and not for profit organisations. All income generated by WADEs are used to pay normal business expenses. Surplus funds are re-invested back into each organisation for the benefit of their employees.

How do I contact WADEs?

There are two means. One is to contact a particular WADE directly through the links on these pages. This is appropriate if you know what particular service you want and from whom you wish to purchase it. If you are unsure who you need to talk to, or need advice about the products/services provided, contact the WADE Procurement Manager.

Can All WADEs provide every service?

No. Our 7 organisations offer a range of products and services. The website details which services are supplied and by whom. If you require further information please contact the WADE Procurement Manager.

Do WADEs guarantee their work?

Yes. In fact WADEs are perhaps more intent on reliability than most, given the importance attached to ensuring that people with disability retain opportunities. Many WADEs are ISO9001 accredited.

Are WADEs regulated?

Yes. WADEs are regulated by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. No organisation can call itself an Australian Disability Enterprise unless it is funded as such by the Department of Social Services.

Can Local Government authorities buy products or services directly from WADEs?

Yes. Recent amendments to the Procurement (Functions & General) Regulations 2015 now allows state government the option to buy directly from WADEs without the ned to go through a public tender process.